National Pie Day

national pie day

National Pie Day

When it comes to satisfying your appetite with a delicious baked dish that is made from pastries, you need to trust pies. Pies are arguably one of the most notable food structures that are widely loved all over the world. Pies are usually made out of pastry dough and fillings that have the finest of sweet ingredients ranging from fruits to beef, little wonder it has a day set aside to celebrate its blessing to mankind.

The National Pie Day is celebrated on the 23rd day of January of every year. It is an unofficial holiday in the United States that is devoted to appreciating the goodness of the pie. The national pie day is a day that has been specially assigned for people to bake or cook and eat their favorite pies. If finding an accurate recipe for your preferred pie will be a problem for the national pie day celebrations, you need not worry because there are lots of American restaurants that offer free and discounted pies to their customers on the 23rd day of January of every year.

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National Pie Day History

The National Pie Day was started in the mid-1970s by a Colorado nuclear engineer and teacher, who was also a brewer named Charlie Papazian, who formally declared his own birthday, January 23, as a special day to joyously celebrate the importance of pies to mankind. It was said of him that he preferred having a pie on his birthday than been offered a birthday cake.

However, since 1986, the unofficial holiday has been sponsored by the American Pie Council.

Pies primarily originated during the Egyptian New Stone Age era which is otherwise referred to as the Neolithic period when the need for a reliable source of food for Egyptians sailors arose.

Early variations of pies were in the form of a flat, round crusty cake called galettes. These galettes were pastries which were made from either oats or wheat. Today we have different types of pies available to consumers; we have the creampie and fruit pie among many other variations of pies.

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To further appreciate the profound positive impact that pies have on lives, the American Pie Council in the year 2014 partnered with Paramount pictures and promoted a romantic film titled ‘labor day’. The movie which was released before that year national pie day celebration suggests that sharing pies with people can initiate friendship or repair relationships. In the movie, an escaped murderer takes a family as hostages on their way back from the supermarket but when he made pies with his hostages, a kind of cordial bond developed between them before he surrendered himself to the police.

The American pie council also offers membership to both individuals and groups to promote and preserve the tradition of pie making; how wonderful is that?

Pie Recipes

Below are a few resources to help you celebrate National Pie Day and a list of January Food Holidays that has recipes for each.

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Looking for a savory pie? Then check out this Chicken Shepherd’s Pie.

Need the perfect pie crust? This Vodka Pie Crust is highly recommended.

One of my personal all-time favorite pies… Chocolate Chess Pie.

And last but not least, a large list of Vintage Pie Recipes.

National Pie Day Website

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